Welcome to Vikela Electronics

The rollover into 2022 birthed Vikela’s Electronics 20 years since being established.

Vikela Electronics core business is Electronic Security and Life Safety.


Over the past 20 years, Vikela is very proud that we have installed and integrated over 5000 cameras, 100’s of NVR’s and build up CMS/SMS with responsive IMAPS incorporating AI, LPR, advanced events, actions, and escalation to events.

Vikela renders intuitive, easily navigable systems.


Vikela Electronics is an SAQCC member and has installed 1000’s of fire detectors and panels.

We are accredited installers and maintain many buildings with fire detection.


Access control is a pivotal security bubble necessary to protect your premises. Only those that are meant to be within your premise will gain access.

Advance control such as areas, anti-pass-back, minimum and maximum occupancy or escorted victors can all be simply implemented.

Vikela has decades of experience in access control